Talent Mobility

Although being mobile is fun, relocation or moving can be a daunting task for anyone. We assist and ensure that settling down in a new place is a smooth process for non-local candidates. Our local experts assist in all aspects of relocation like :

  • Home
    Find homes close to work and other important support systems to make life easy for people new to the country / city. Once the candidate gives all their preferences to us, we zero down on the exact needs and help them finalize it.
  • Educational institutions for children
    Local team of Arteez helps in finding the right educational institutions that support International syllabus, specific syllabus or any other requirement like special schools etc.
  • Consultants for Financial needs
    A new country entails new financial regulations and getting acclimatised with the same can be extremely difficult. Arteez, assists expats in understanding the financial aspects better by putting them in touch with consultants or CA’s who can make things simpler.