Succession Planning

Succession Planning is paving the road ahead by ensuring that any major road blocks encountered can be tackled efficiently with prior planning. Implementing long term plans also involves taking in to account changes that may occur in the long run – especially with respect to planned or unplanned leadership changes. Leaders may leave the company or retire, however this should not disrupt the working of the company. Succession planning is all about training the second rung of leaders to take the reins, in case the situation warrants.

Arteez, helps in making contingency plans for their clients by taking proactive measures. Succession planning is identifying and training leaders at all levels – not only in the senior management level. We help our clients in making their succession plans by helping them recognise potential leaders who are moulded slowly but surely for taking on higher responsibilities. In cases where there is no one identified, we also help them hire the right people who can adorn leadership roles eventually.