Restarting Career after a Break

Taking a career break is a hard decision, restarting is a harder one. Whatever the reason may be from child care to elder care, medical emergency, downsizing or merger leading to job loss, breaks are not seen with a kind eye.

Yet, the world is an open play ground waiting for you to make your goal and we cannot achieve goals by just wishing! Lot of background work needs to be done before one wants to reboot their career. We from ArteezHR would like to share some golden rules that will help you soar with new wings to achieve your dreams.

  1. Be sure the domain you want to get a job in. If the break has been long, you may want to re-look at some other areas that may interest you.
  2. Gain necessary knowledge / certifications in the target domain.
  3. Keep reading about recent advancements in the said field.
  4. Update your resume and mention reason for the break in a subtle yet definite manner.
  5. Make sure your domestic reasons for taking the break have been catered to and you can be away from home without any constant disturbances.
  6. Be ready to take a drop in pay from your last drawn salary.
  7. Take up some volunteering activity if possible. It will work in favour of your break and also keep you engaged in meaningful activity.
  8. Look for smaller / medium firms that can benefit with your experience.
  9. Look for part time jobs to begin with or jobs you can do from home.
  10. Have an online presence on important job sites and network with your past colleagues.