Hiring the perfect workforce entails ensuring that, they are suitable to be employed after assessing them in various aspects. The candidates are not only expected to be top notch in their functional and technical knowledge, but also in their cognitive skills, mental capabilities, behavioural styles, personality traits, stress handling capabilities, decision making, integrity and few more traits.

Arteez HR, assists its clients in getting the assessments of candidates done as required. Some of the assessments we support are :

Psychometric testing
Psychometric testing is an important assessment done to gauge the candidate’s suitability for a role based on the personality characteristics required for the job and their knowledge, aptitude and skills. Since a very scientific way of assessment is used with the latest technology of computer based testing, there is little or no human intervention. A standard set of questions is given based on the role and experience, making it easy to interpret the results. The questions are statistically constructed and in objective format, hence the results are unbiased.

Psychometric testing gives the employers a perfect picture of the capabilities of the candidates and helps in narrowing down to the most appropriate ones. The test results divulge a lot more than what a regular face to face interview reveals.


Excel Testing
Knowledge of Microsoft Excel is very important for most jobs. More so at the higher management levels, it is extremely necessary to know proper usage of the tool for generating statistics and reports. ArteezHR helps its clients in gauging the knowledge of probable candidates by assessing their Excel knowledge by way of tests. These tests are created and validated by experts.