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Talent Acquisition
Executive search
The Executive Search Division handles confidential key positions through market intelligence and research and direct head hunting techniques. These candidates are also generated through confidential. Each candidate is screened using iindustry knowledge and functional expertise by our consultants to provide a guaranteed fit.

Permanent Staffing
Arteez HR Services provides permanent staffing in all markets where we specialize. We believe in providing quality to our clients for which we have a system where our team conducts a comprehensive check. This includes detailed assignment briefing and fully validated testing procedures, as well as psychometric assessments and behavioral interview techniques. Extensive reference checking enables us to select and refer only candidates of the highest caliber ideally matched to your needs.

Temporary Staffing
Arteez HR provides temporary staffing to help our clients hire the right candidate. We have a large database of temporary staff across a range of skill-sets throughout the country. We manage the entire HR process right from recruitment and select clients on a regular basis.
Temporary staffing is highly useful in executing short-term projects.

Retainers/ Business Consultants
Apart from executive search we offer interim management services where we find suitable senior management candidates as retainers or business consultants for a specific period / project to fill an unexpected gap in senior management. We deploy an  in situations of business start- ups, pilot projects, restructuring and running change management programs.


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