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Interviewing After a Break

When you're on a job search, time takes on a strange quality. Afternoons spent searching for suitable job openings can feel like eternity, but somehow the first of the month, when the bills are due, things seems to become rather jittery.

When you get a job interview, it's a big occasion. You can say to yourself "It's no big deal, it's just another job interview" but it's hard to keep your cool as the big day approaches.

You have to believe that any given interview doesn’t matter all that much, but your bank account is shrinking. Wouldn’t it be amazing if this were the job you’ve been waiting for?

Make a Plan & Research about the organization

There is a reason why you have been called for a job Interview. You could be replacing someone or the company could be expanding in new a dimension. Behind every interview there is at least one reason the organization has, that is interviewing you or they would never take the time to meet you.

You need to make an impression on your hiring manager when you go to a job interview. This is not only by the way you answer his or her questions but also answer the unasked ones discursively, You can ask questions about organizational structures and how you can fit in.

Tell them the advantages they would have consequentially derive by hiring you and make a plan for the company. Very few candidates have a plan for the company they want to join. Even though at the time of interview your plan could differ a little but it could be an added advantage.

Prepare the questions you would like to ask state points in line with their vision and there is no reason why they would not want you to be a part of their team if you cleared the initial roadblocks .They might even create an opening for you. But you might be thinking ?Can this company afford me or will they give what I want.

Sometimes it is better to have a good job and compromise on salary which will gradually increase. Besides a basic ask for ESOP’s, Share in profits you bring or bonus on achievement. Since these are not an immediate expensive for the organisation. It’s something companies could be open to discuss. Last but not the least prepare for the interview.

Read their websites, press releases, organisational leaders and their backgrounds, their goals, balance sheets, competitors, go through their LinkedIn profiles, follow them on twitter, and check their Facebook page, everything you can study about the company.

That is when you can get idea why they want to meet you and in what way you could add value to the organisation apart from the job they have designated for you.

Interview Day

When you are interviewing after a decade make sure know the location and choose the route you would like to take to get there do not take any chance on unfamiliar highways and potentially get there late.

Get a good night's sleep before the interview and schedule something fun and rewarding to do after that.

Good Luck!

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